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6 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

By Laura March 04, 2016

Metabolism. That thing that ensures that our body turns those tasty calories we consume into bursts of energy that allow us to go about our daily lives doing what we love.
You may hear people complaining, or you may think yourself that you have a slow metabolism. It's true that loads of different factors effect our rate of metabolism, there's also loads of scientificly backed ways to naturally crank it up today. Here's 5 of them:

1. Go Green

Grab a cup of green. Research suggests that it can speed up metabolism and has also has been shown to improve blood circulation and lower cholestoral. 

2. Eat

If you're trying to shift a few unwanted pounds, it's fairly common knowledge that we need to change our diet habits and in some cases, cut down on our portion sizes. However, it's really important to make sure that you don't cut back too dramatically so you maintain good energy levels and are able to hit your workouts hard!

3. Think fast and furious

This is a situation where slow and steady doesn't always win the race.High intensity interval training promotes residual calorie burn, so even after exercise you continue to burn an elevated amount of calories. HIIT classes are great for this (and we have loads available with Move!) If we haven't come to your area yet, try sprinting as fast as you can for 1 minute, followed by a brisk walk for 2 minutes. Repeat this sequence 5 times to start torching those calories!

4. Lift heavy

A study carried out on young women found that resistance training resulted in modest but prolonged elevations of postexercise metabolic rate. Check out our beginners guide to strength training here

5. Eat breakfast

Try and find some time to grab a filling breakfast in the morning - it literally wakes up your metabolism after a period of fasting whilst you sleep, so don't skip it! Check out our top breakfast ideas if you need some inspiration.

6. Move

By far and above the best and most effective way to boost your metabolism is to move more! A study conducted on young males found that after a 45 minutes session of vigorous exercise, their metabolic rate significantly increased for the following 14 hours. If you're ready to start moving today, have some free passes on us! 




Written by Laura

After 3 years of excess at uni took a serious toll on my waistline and wellbeing, I found that a love for strength training, HIIT and spin classes were key to keeping me healthy and happy. I'm at the forefront of finding out and creating awesome stuff about health, fitness and happiness and when I'm not at work I love nothing more than pizza and prosecco in the sun with friends. What motivates me? Knowing that life is short...


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