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5 Fitness Classes You Won't Believe Exist!

By Laura February 12, 2016

We love variety here at Move - it's not just the ‘spice of life’ but it's also proven to be one of the most important things to keeping you active.

Research has found that people who use more than one fitness provider are twice as likely to stay active for longer than those who use just one.

But is there such a thing as too much variety? We wanted to test this out, so we went digging for the wackiest fitness classes. Check out some of the craziest ones below - seriously you'll be amazed and if you're anything like us you’ll be tagging friends and family that would love some of these!

1. Doggie Yoga


This brings a whole new meaning to downward facing dog! Treat the canine friend in your life to some doggie yoga (or Doga!)

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2. Cycle Karaoke



Spin classes are usually set to an awesome tracklist so we think this class makes perfect sense...does your spin class sound a bit like karaoke spin at times?! Tag in your spin workout buddies and start warming up those vocal chords!

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3. Angry Yoga


 Ok, so this might not be an actual thing, but we think it would be perfect for the person who just can't get on board with the peaceful and zen aspect of yoga. We also think this Grinch Yoga video is one of the funniest things we've seen. Ever. 

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4. Aqua Spin


As if spin classes weren't tough enough already! For that someone you know loves a challenge and will try anything once!

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5. Bunny Yoga





Honestly, have you ever seen anything cuter?! These bunnies are invited to yoga class and are free to roam and interact with the yogis!

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Ok so researching this piece was way too much fun and I never thought I would be sharing a yoga class video with my Uncle John - but hey, if you love to moan about everything (sorry Uncle John!) what better way than doing it whilst relieving stress through a warrior stance!? Make sure you share with any of your friends and give them as many giggles as we had creating this!


Written by Laura

After 3 years of excess at uni took a serious toll on my waistline and wellbeing, I found that a love for strength training, HIIT and spin classes were key to keeping me healthy and happy. I'm at the forefront of finding out and creating awesome stuff about health, fitness and happiness and when I'm not at work I love nothing more than pizza and prosecco in the sun with friends. What motivates me? Knowing that life is short...


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