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5 tips to stay healthy over the Easter weekend

Posted by The Style Dynamo

Guest blogger Style Dynamo shares her top tips on how to stay on track this Easter!

With an abundance of temptation filling the supermarket shelves, it can be easy to throw caution to the wind and gorge all weekend! A little bit of what you fancy does you good, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay on the right track over the short holiday. Here are 7 tips to ensure you stay healthy over the Easter weekend!

1. Fill up on eggs

When we say eggs, we mean the ones laid by eggs not chocolate-filled ones. Indeed, studies have shown that eggs for breakfast curb your cravings for sweet things because they leave you feeling fuller for longer. What’s more, eggs are full of protein – essential for building muscles as well as a good source of vitamin D, which is linked to stronger bones. Try a breakfast of scrambled eggs with a glass of fresh orange juice which contains vitamin C to help your body absorb the iron found in one of nature’s perfect packages – the humble egg.

2. Think cocoa-rich chocolate

When it comes to chocolate, the darker the better. Choose a high percentage cocoa (say 70 percent of more) and reap the benefits of this tasty treat which includes powerful antioxidants called flavanols that can help boost your brain power, prevent cell damage and inflammation and lower cholesterol. Dark chocolate is notoriously rich so you only need a nibble to satisfy your sweet tooth.

3. Eat like a bunny

No, not like an Easter bunny with mounds of chocolate and hot cross buns but like a rabbit who grazes on healthy greens throughout the day. Some people believe that by eating smaller nutritious meals regularly throughout the day, you benefit from even blood sugar so your energy levels are less likely to dip throughout the day and you can wave good bye to that mid-afternoon slump. Aim for six smaller meals and see if it works for you over the Easter weekend.

4. Organise an egg hunt

No matter how old you are, everyone enjoys a good Easter eggs hunt. Why not get your family together and plot out an adventure in your back garden or find out if there is an organised egg hunt for children in your local area? Failing that, you could always join the geocaching community. With millions of geocaches to find all over the world (geocaches can range from small boxes left by people within the community to marks and signs), you can join one of the biggest treasure hunts. Simply create a free geocaching account on your mobile phone by going to www.geocaching.com/play  and download the app. Decide the area you are going to explore and set out to find the object. Once discovered, log on the app and re-hide it in the same place for others to find. It’s a great way to pass the time and will also get you out and about.

5. Treat yourself with something new

Forget the traditional treats of Easter eggs and hot cross buns, spring clean your routine and try a new activity this Easter. From bouldering and boxercise to yoga and Pilates, treat yourself with a session of something you would not normally do. After all, Easter is a time when you can indulge yourself so try a new challenge to give you a boost during this well-deserved break.

Topics: Fitness and motivation, Food and nutrition

Written by The Style Dynamo

The Style Dynamo

As well as a fondness for handbags and ridiculous high fashion, Rebecca is a real fitness enthusiast and adventurer. Having completed races such as the Marathon Des Sables in 2015, she is always looking for her next challenge. Her enthusiasm around health and well-being extends well beyond just keeping in shape. For Rebecca, it’s a lifestyle and she loves to live it to the max as well as share advice with anyone who will listen. You can find out more about Rebecca over at thestyledynamo.com

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