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7 Reasons To Join MoveGB

By MoveGB March 24, 2016
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Want a fitness membership with ultimate flexibility? Move where you want, when you want - no restrictions!

1. It's designed to keep you active

Our founder is one of the world’s leading experts in exercise adherence and created Move based on the science of how to make staying healthy and happy easier. 

2. Ultimate Variety

With 1200+ live partners and loads more joining every day, a Move membership gives you ultimate variety in your workout routine.  So if on a Monday you want to swim, Tuesday is yoga, Thursday climbing and at the weekend you fancy a handstand class - we've got it covered. 

3. It's perfect for those who travel

We're live in 17 cities (and growing!) so Move is perfect for anyone whose life takes you to more than one place, whether that be if you commute to work or you're a bit of a traveller. We're also live in New York if you're planning on taking a trip across the pond!

4. Find new ways to workout 

Don't like commitment? That's cool. With a Move membership you can try out new classes with no ties - if you don't like it, don't go again. With thousands of different classes available, there's always plenty to choose from.

5. Get a plan to suit your needs

Only pay for the sessions you'll use. We have different price plans available tailored to how much you want to move; all the way from unlimited through to pay as you move. 

6. When you find something you love, stick at it

Got one venue or class that you just love? With a Move membership there's no restrictions, so you can attend as much as you like! 

7. Pause any time

A Move membership isn’t something you quit. Sure you can pause when life gets too busy, but you'll never quit on a healthy happy life and we'll never quit building a service to make this easier for you.

Get a free trial to MoveGB here now!





Written by MoveGB

MoveGB is the UK's number one fitness app - with 1000's of activities available under one membership, embrace fitness freedom and ensure variety stays true in your workout routines. Plus, you can now live-stream 1000's of at-home workouts on our new service: Move At Home.


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