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Feeling Stressed? This Is An Easy Fix

By Laura December 02, 2016

Whether you believe stress is a real thing or not, it certainly seems that most people will feel down and exhibit the symptons of what is now commonly called stress at least once in their lives. So are there any quick fixes for this state of mind?

It may seem that we prescribe exercise as the remedy for almost everything that life throws at you (we can't help it - it's that good!) but a recent study has shown that when life is plagued with stress and worry, you should skip vegging out on the sofa and feeling sorry for yourself and hit the gym.

When we get stressed out it may feel like it's our mental state that suffers most severely, however stress actually affects all of our body, most noteably, increasing our blood pressure levels. Exercising can help boost your mood and decreases the cardiovascular risks associated with stress.  

So whether you opt for a high intensity class to help release some of that pent-up stress or a chilled out yoga session, make sure that you get moving in some way. 

So whether it's a particularly testing time at work, family stresses or anything that is making you feel anxious or uptight, try and prioritise exercise - after all, science says it's a guaranteed way to improve your mood. 

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