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6 Reasons why working out is the new going out

Posted by MoveGB

So it’s Friday night - what have you got planned? Are you considering hitting the pub as soon as you clock off? Or popping some prosecco to toast the weekend? Well, we’ve got some news for you: working out is the new going out. Time to switch your pint glass for a dumbbell!

With studies showing that millennials are dedicated to positive lifestyles and drinking in moderation, making the best of every opportunity thrown at them, it seems that boozing late into the night is now being switched for better lifestyle choices. And with awareness of mindfulness, wellbeing and general health in today’s modern age of social media, fitness bloggers and trends backed by science, we’re now ditching the booze for working out!

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The whole ‘working out is the new going out’ seems to correlate with the increase of boutique studios, awesome new workouts and cool fitness studios springing up (see what’s available through MoveGB!), whilst nightclubs are on the decline across the UK.

The Debrief reports that even though millennials may not be rolling in cash dollar dollar, they’re still finding time and money to spend on exercise, not on endless bottles of vino:

“Exercise and fitness is one arena where this generation are prepared to spend money”

And with the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga and Lena Dunham forsaking trendy clubs and hosting their birthday parties at boutique fitness studios, it seems that fitness really is on the rise against boozy nights out!

See our 6 reasons why working out is the new going out, and why you should may be try it this weekend!

6 Reasons why Working Out is the new Going Out

1. You feel great from beginning to end

There's nothing quite like the giddy anticipation of a night out, dancing and drinking with your best friends. But sadly, you're never going to end up feeling as good at the end of the night (or the next morning) as you do at the start, whereas with exercise you end the session feeling better than when you started!

When we exercise we feel great - and that high lasts long after our heart rate drops. On the flipside, alcohol slows down the neurotransmitters in your brain which can lead to slurred speech and stumbling around the pub. It tricks your brain into thinking we feel great at the time as booze simultaneously increases our dopamine levels. All ingredients which lead to a recipe for disaster (a.k.a dad dancing, the hangover from hell, being wildly inappropriate to your boss…. Feel free to add anymore).

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2. You'll always end up on good terms with your mates... 

Yep, drinking can lead to a lack of judgement, aggression, misunderstanding and arguments. So switch working out for going out and do some refreshing ‘sweatworking’ and bonding through group fitness. Working out together has been proven to increase social bond, so get in a workout and leave with a new bestie. Make new friends when working out!.gif

3. You'll save some dough

When you’re in the flow of a good night, money suddenly doesn’t have as much importance… but follow in the bouncy steps of the perky millennials and save your dough for things that improve your life.

A month’s fitness membership will probably be cheaper that a big night out, so definitely weigh up the pros and cons before getting your gladrags on…

4. Dancing doesn’t have to be off the cards

Can't give up a night on the dancefloor? Luckily you don't have to with the rise of "sober raving" fitness classes. These classes have it all - the club atmosphere, great tunes, awesome moves… sure there’s no booze which may feel a bit strange, but it makes for the perfect healthy nightclub experience.

Hit up a morning rave to kick your day off, or check out Clubbercise: a Zumba style workout with disco lights, nineties bangers and glowsticks!

5. You’ll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed - ready to squeeze all you can from your weekend!

Doesn't it absolutely suck when a bad hangover destroys your weekend, gobbling up your free time so you return to the office on Monday cheated from a weekend?

A 2005-2006 study found that people who felt very sleepy at certain times during the day, compared to people who never felt overly sleepy during the day decreased by 65% for those who were meeting their physical activity guidelines - so that’s a big tick there for exercise!

Although you may feel that you fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow when you've had a night out, this doesn't make for a decent night's sleep. Alcohol consumed within an hour of bedtime can disrupt the second half of your sleep period which will lead to fatigue and sleepiness the next day. And when you’re tired, your motivation to make healthy choices can take a hit….

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6. It will keep your weight in-check

A night out could set you back hundreds, if not thousands of calories. Sure we like to have fun, but when you're wanting to keep on track with your fitness, those three jagerbombs could amount to 600 calories (and who stops at just three?!). Not to mention the drunken trip to the chip shop, and the hungover takeaway the next day….

So alternatively, a quick spin class and a 15-minute weight session could burn that 600 calories, and you won’t have THE HUNGER of a hangover the next day. You’ll still be on track to kick your goals!


Before you all dismiss us as being fitness freaks, it’s worth mentioning that we’re not suggesting to stop all nights out FOREVER - it’s being aware of how many steps back your health and fitness might suffer from a high frequency of nights out.

Get a balance, switch up some typical nights out for working out with friends, and consider social exercise instead of that trusty pub every Friday night. It’s all about that variety, eh?


Switch pint glasses for dumbbells!


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Written by MoveGB


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