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The 4 Pillars Series: Movement

Posted by MoveGB

There are 4 key Pillars for staying active for life:

1. Convenience

2. Variety

3. Movement

4. Life

In this series we will look at each pillar in depth - today we're talking about the pillar of 'movement'.


We are designed to Move - literally our bodies and minds are wired to respond positively to movement and exercise from cell re-generation to instant chemical endorphin releases.

In the book,"Younger Next Year" Chris Crowley and Dr. Henry Lodge explain their theory of cell evolution and how consistent exercise is the key to ageing whilst staying active and healthy. In the two graphs below, the first shows the "norm" of ageing, a gradual deterioration in the later stages of life towards death, while the second shows a much more healthier option with higher quality of life for many years. The difference between them? Whether you move or not.



In the book they explain the concept of year-round exercising, looking into our evolution and comparing exercise to hunting and sitting down to being injured/ the weakest of the 'tribe'. They provide evidence to show our bodies are programmed to deteriorate when we stop moving so to get the best quality life you should train yourself to always be in hunt season and move all year round. 

The average person is reducing their physical activity year upon year and the next generation is the first generation to be predicted to live less longer than their parents.  

What can you do to move more?


Move because you want to get the immediate rewards not because you want to change your body shape or even improve your health. Evidence has shown you are much more likely to stick to exercise when you reframe your reasons for doing it this way. Make it a priority to move every day and create a habit - your body and mind will thank you for it. 


Find what you love and do it. Don't force yourself to do exercise you don't enjoy, you will never stick with it. There are many different ways to move...it's all about finding what moves you! A flexible multi venue membership like Move is perfect for allow you the freedom to do this.


With your friends, other-half and children. There are a growing number of exercise groups that are based around childhood games and sports - make movement fun again. People who workout with friends stay active much longer than those that don't

If you found this article helpful then keep an eye out for the rest of our 4 Pillars series!


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Written by MoveGB


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