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The Power of Christmas: Turkey

Posted by Graham Simpson
So… with just 2 days to go the big decision is on us once again. Which side are you on in the Christmas table argument of Dark Meat Vs Light!
Let us help you prepare so that you can make the right choice and come out victorious!

Round One: Nutrition

(Per 100g)


Protein (Human building blocks):

White meat = 30g Dark meat = 28g


Fat (Energy and much more):

White meat = 4g Dark meat = 8g


Calories (Total energy):

White meat = 161 Dark meat = 192


Iron (Needed so that blood can do it’s job):

White meat = 1.57mg Dark meat = 2.4mg


Zinc (Build a strong immune system):

White meat = 2.08mg Dark meat = 4.3mg


Folate (a B vitamin – active people love these):

White meat = .01mcg Dark meat = 10mcg



Round Two: Taste and Leftover Potential

When it comes to taste, dark turkey meat offers an undeniably richer taste than white meat, I love it, but its higher fat content also lends itself to tasting a bit more on the slimy side, which may detract those who are sensitive to their food’s texture, or prefer lighter-tasting meals.

Then there’s cooking with leftover turkey. Dark meat’s higher fat content gives it a juicier flavor and therefore protects it from suffering from the dry taste that accompanies white meat turkey once it has sat in the refrigerator for a few days.

Therefore, for a sandwich, salad or soup protein-punch, dark turkey meat is the clear winner. 



Post-Match Commentary

Drumstick-lovers rejoice as this time Dark Meat is the winner!

Dark turkey meat delivers a much more nutrient-dense wallop than white turkey meat. With greater amounts of vitamin B like riboflavin, thiamine and folate and minerals like iron and zinc, dark turkey meat’s sullied reputation for being too high in fat deserves to be overturned considering these impressive nutrition numbers.

When it comes to calories and fat, the difference between the two is negligible. In fact, dark turkey meat contains a mere 30 calories more than white meat and just an additional four grams of fat. As we now all know, fat doesn’t have to be the enemy it was, just try to buy good quality as much as possible. Consider your desert the point where you add to your unavoidable Christmas food baby, don’t blame the Turkey!

To reap the powerful nutrition benefits of the centerpiece of your Christmas meal, whichever kind of meat you select, just make sure to hog the veg and go easy on the taters to keep all the flavour but cut down the sugar.
Wash this down with your favourite drink and most importantly, have an awesome Christmas!

Topics: Fitness and motivation, Food and nutrition, Health and happiness

Written by Graham Simpson

Graham Simpson

Snowboarding, running and cooking. These are the three main things to have made me who I am! After training as a PT and combining my love for sports, fitness and nutrition I became Head Coach at Move and started my journey to inspiring others to find their fitness for life! I’m all about achieving your goals and being a little silly along the way :)

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