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Mover Stories: Carly

Posted by Movers Stories

We're putting our most important people in the hot-seat... YOU, our Movers about how being more active helps you in this crazy thing we called life!

This week we spoke to Carly from Bristol...


Q. What do you do for your profession?

I work for the charity Age UK Bristol in a small team called Bristol Ageing Better. We are trying to help prevent isolation and loneliness in Bristol. I am working on applying to the World Health Organisation to have Bristol be a part of their 'Age Friendly Cities' around the world.

Q. What was your average week like before you found Move?

I worked Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and had weekends off to hang out with friends. I have always tried to be healthy and exercise but never really made time for it properly – it always felt like too much of an inconvenience to make it a priority.  

Q. How has it changed your lifestyle?

I actually make time for myself and through taking up yoga practice I have learnt to actually listen to my body and realised I wasn't healthy before - I just thought I was. It has changed so much for me but fundamentally it gave me a reason to prioritise my mental, emotional and physical health.

Q. What difference are you seeing in your energy and motivation to workout?

MoveGB gives you motivation because once you sign up for a class you can't back out. It’s not like when I used to just work out on my own and would get home from work with good intentions to practice yoga or go for a run but then I would see my couch and TV and end up not exercising at all. With MoveGB I make sure to sign up for classes at the beginning of the week when I'm still feeling motivated and then I automatically don't question it - I just make the time to go. I have definitely seen an increase in my energy levels because I am exercising more and in turn taking better care of myself outside of those classes.

Q. Were you nervous going to different studios and trying different exercises?

Sometimes in the past if I was going to a class for the first time I would be a bit nervous, especially if I had no idea where the studio was and didn't know if I’d be able to find it. I would always make sure I just left myself enough time in case I got lost or couldn’t find the entrance. However, I soon became more comfortable going to new classes and studios because I realised that every single instructor I had met was so friendly that it would never be scary to walk into a new group.

Q. How do you feel each time you try a new session/venue?

Proud of myself for trying something new that I might not have ever done before. And that even if I hate that type of exercise, it doesn't matter because it’s not like you have to sign up for a 10 week membership of just that certain exercise. You can be free to try one off sessions and just go back if you love it. Free to move about :)

Q. Do you use Move on your phone on the go?

Yes! It is so much easier because I can check sessions from anywhere and if I'm already out and about, but want to confirm the start time of a class that evening, I can do that easily.

Q. What is your favourite thing about MoveGB?

Lots really, but if I had to pick one it’s that it has given me the ability to do SO much yoga a week for such a small cost. Yoga classes are normally £10 a class and my activity pass on MoveGB is £10 a week, which means I am getting SO much for what I am paying. If I didn't have MoveGB I wouldn’t be able to afford exercise classes around the city so I just wouldn't be able to go.  

Q. If there is one thing that you'd like to say to potential new Movers what would it be?

It is SO easy to use and you can literally pick from an abundance of activities and venues around the whole city. You will never get bored if you have a MoveGB membership and this is coming from someone who used to NEVER like gyms and gym memberships. I have been converted and will never go back to a traditional gym membership!


Big thanks to Carly for this week's Movers Story! Maybe yours will be next?


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