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Movers Stories: Megan

Posted by Movers Stories

Megan found that yoga has changed her lifestyle and is loving the flexibility of Move. Check out her Movers Story here!


Q. What do you do for your profession?


Q. What was your average week like before you found Move?

Lots of lab work and hunched posture

Q. How has it changed your lifestyle?

I found yoga!!!

Q. What difference are you seeing in your energy and motivation to workout?

Because I use MoveGB for yoga, I actually feel like my energy decreases, and that is a good thing. I get out of work so stressed and angry and yoga just resets me.

Q. Were you nervous going to different studios and trying different exercises?

Sometimes. But over my years with MoveGB, it has allowed me to really find teachers that I like and so sometimes now I feel more nervous than I did when I first signed up.


Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 11.42.59.png

Q. How do you feel each time you try a new session/venue?

Depends on what I have found!


Q. What is your favourite thing about MoveGB?

The flexibility.


Q. If there is one thing that you'd like to say to potential new Movers what would it be?

Do it!!! Cheapest gym membership and you can make it whatever you want.


Big thanks to Megan for this week's Movers Story! Maybe yours will be next?


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Written by Movers Stories

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