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Movers Stories: Penny

Posted by Movers Stories

We love our Movers so much that we're giving you a regular spot on our blog! After all, it is all about you!

This week we spoke to Penny from Bristol...


Q. What do you do for your profession?

I'm a retired specialist nurse - now a full time volunteer church leader, grandson looker afterer & charity worker (I also look after guide dog puppies every now and then so thought I'd share the pic of this cutie - who can resist a cute puppy pic!)

Q. What was your average week like before you found Move?

I was very busy with no time to exercise.

Q. How has it changed your lifestyle?

Exercise classes now go into my diary FIRST & the rest of life fits round them.

Q. What difference are you seeing in your energy and motivation to workout?

For me it's the effect on the mind more than the body. Release of stress & lifting of my mood seems to increase my energy levels & then I am encouraged to go back for more.

Q. Were you nervous going to different studios and trying different exercises?

Yes - very! I'm not the youngest, or the slimmest. I am the clumsiest & don't know my left from my right. Aaaagh!

Q. How do you feel each time you try a new session/venue?

Nervous and self conscious.

Q. Do you use Move on your phone on the go?

Nooooo! I'm a technaphobe & my phone terrifies me! I would like to learn though.


Q. What is your favourite thing about MoveGB?

Everyone on the team is very encouraging. You can have a go at anything and everything and also find the things you really enjoy. I'm not especially good at it, but I'm loving dancing and it has re-awakened my love for water.

Q. If there is one thing that you'd like to say to potential new Movers what would it be?

Give it a go you might surprise yourself - and everyone else :-D


Big thanks to Penny for this week's Movers Story! Maybe yours will be next?


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Written by Movers Stories

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