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Movers Stories: Sean

Posted by Movers Stories

I had left the Royal Marines and come to London searching for work to be able to pay my mortgage in Devon. I've always been interested in fitness and ended up as the Fitness Manager at The Third Space gym in Piccadilly.

 I didn’t have many friends in London so would usually return home toExeter at weekends where I still had a flat - London can be a pretty lonely place when you don't know many people. 

One weekend I stayed put to spend time with a mate from the Marines but was stood up. Kate, a receptionist and fitness instructor that also worked at the gym took pity on me and invited me to the cinema on the Saturday night - just as friends. I guess that kind of broke the ice and we started training together, side by side on the treadmill for runs and intervals in our breaks and doing tough barbell complexes - you could say love blossomed on the gym floor!

Another cinema outing and the rest as they say is history - 5 years later and we still train together as often as our busy schedules allow.

Training together is great for Kate and I for a number of reasons. it's great to be able to share the process of getting fit and staying healthy together - especially when it's something we enjoy so much. If one of us feels a bit lethargic often the other one will encourage, which helps keep us both going. 
We also think that training together strengthens our relationship and makes us a better team. It's quite similar to when I was in the Royal Marines - you grow stronger by the experiences you endure, especially the challenging ones. The tough workouts we share in the gym often translates into helping us work through life's problems better as a couple.
Kate says: 
"I love training with Sean,  we have a good level of healthy competition and encouragement and Sean is always open to all types of training. We go swimming, climbing, skating, skateboarding, weights, circuits, yoga, Pilates, sprints on the treadmill and then runs out of the gym -  our training is never boring! I love the consistency of training with Sean - we know each other's goals and journey and can help keep each other stay focused"


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Written by Movers Stories

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