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3 Questions to help you find the right workout

By Laura April 27, 2018

The world of exercise is a fickle one - there’s always a new craze and fitness fad that promises to make you the healthiest, fittest and most awesome version of yourself! But a question for many is ‘what’s the best workout for me?”

Nine times out of ten, the workout that’s best for you won’t have anything to do with how many pounds you lose or how quickly you achieve a sculptured body... it will be one that you enjoy and are motivated to stick with.


The perfect workout plan for all doesn’t exist, as we’re all different body shapes with different goals, but it’s so important to find a fitness routine that gives you the feel-good factor. Exercise shouldn’t be a chore - you need to find that activity that gets you buzzed with excitement! So to check that you're doing the right thing for you, we’ve pulled together some key questions to help you find the right workout.

3 Questions to Help you find the Right Workout


1. Does it make you smile?


You don’t have to stand in the corner grinning like a Cheshire cat as you bicep curl, but if you’re having fun during exercise, it will impact on whether you will be motivated to continue.

Whether it’s an inward smile as you fight the burn, a giggle during an energetic dance session or even just a smile of triumph after a great weights session, when you feel the mood boosting benefit of exercise, you’ll never want to let it go!


2. Can you stick to it?

We’re not going to lie. Sometimes committing to a fitness routine is hard and there’ll be times where you’ll not be in the mood - that’s when you really have to dig deep to get the motivation and get your ass into gear.

But if you dread every workout or your routine demands you to spend 5 hours in the gym (hello, we all have lives too!), you’ll be unlikely to stick it out. You need to find something that you can sustain in the long-term. Not just six weeks.

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Having the convenience to pop into a variety of different fitness providers and venues is key to finding the perfect workout schedule that suits you. Being able to tailor your own routine according to your location and mood is guaranteed to ensure you’ll always be enjoying your workouts… not to mention, shaking up activities will stop you from getting bored and demotivated! And MoveGB can help with exactly that - we want fitness to be a sustainable habit for all.


3. Do you feel your fitness improving?

It’s human nature to want to get better at whatever we set our minds (or bodies!) to. Without seeing improvements or progression in fitness, it’s easy to feel deflated and throw in the towel. Studies have proven that seeing change is what spurs us to continue and maintain our motivation!

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So is the workout getting easier? Are you faster, fitter and stronger? Can you now do the ‘moves’ without cringing? In order to track your fitness journey, check markers every month to ensure your workout type is right for you. Also, monitoring energy levels is an effective way to check up on progression too.


How did you do with our questions? Have you discovered that your routine is getting stale and you're ready to shake things up? Why not take our quiz to discover your fitness personality and see what kind of workout suits you best. The right one for you is just around the corner!


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