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Get Fierce This September! #FitGotReal

Posted by MoveGB

Did you know that there are currently 1.3 million fewer women than men meeting the target of 150 minutes of physical activity per week?

For those who are active already, it can be a hard fact to understand, but there are so many circumstances that can stop others from being as active as they want. From being a busy mum to feeling anxious about trying out fitness for the first time, there are barriers which can make an active lifestyle hard to attain.

Have you heard of This Girl Can? It’s a nationwide movement developed by Sport England that’s inspiring and motivating more women to get active no matter how they do it, how they look or how sweaty they get. Just give the below video a watch - it sure makes you want to get up and start working up a glorious sweat!

This Girl Can’s research shows that many women avoid physical activity due to fears of judgement – this might be about the way they look when they exercise, that they’re not good enough to join in or they should be spending more time on their families, studies or other priorities. (source)

The campaign kicked off in 2015 and helped 1.6 million females aged 14 - 40 start, or restart, sporting activities. It was a groundbreaking campaign to help the 40% of women aged 16 and over to get active and feel the full health benefits of sport and physical activity… but they’re not done yet.

In 2018, the third phase of This Girl Can launched: Fit Got Real. It focuses on what’s been achieved so far and specifically reaches out to women of all backgrounds and ethnicities who feel left behind by traditional exercise. It challenges the conventional idea of what exercise looks like! (source)

As we preach here at MoveGB, move in any way you like as it all counts as exercise and will help you get the energy to live your best life. From park runs pushing your kid in a pram to hula hooping in your garden, it’s all active and counts as exercise! 

We caught up with the Bristol arm of This Girl Can to find out more about their mission to help get the women of Bristol active!

Bristol Girls Can

Bristol Girls Can has been running since 2015 and they share stories about inspirational Bristol women, and hold women-only events such as Glitter Runs, dance-a-thons and even skateboarding! They’ve also funded great small projects including teenage girl gym sessions and Somali women’s basketball training. 

It’s a fantastic initiative that’s empowering women to get out there, get a sweat on and give minimal care about how they look. And Bristol Girls Can had a deep look at busy mums.

Barriers such as time, cost and childcare can mean exercise isn’t a priority - mums find putting their needs first hard. Having a baby is a life-changing experience but can also be used as a catalyst for making health changes to lifestyles.

Did you know… If you’re pregnant, you can get FREE swimming sessions at participating venues? Find out more here or get in touch with your local leisure centre to see if they also run free pregnancy swims.

To support the national This Girl Can ‘Fit Got Real’ campaign - Bristol Girls Can celebrates women who are exercising their own way in order to fit it into their lives. They reached out to women who were getting activity into their weeks despite having a new baby to care for.

They found Bristol mums who exercised with their children and created a gallery of inspiring, powerful photographs - they are now permanently on display at St Michael's Hospital. Go have a look if you happen to pop by!

Check out inspiring local Bristol mums who are championing #FitGotReal. From those who are getting back on track and putting aside time for themselves whilst simultaneously being a mother, to those undergoing postnatal rehabilitation with alternative workouts, they’re pretty darn inspiring!

Fit Got Real: Get Fierce This September!

There is the obvious peak in the fitness industry: January. We all know that post-Christmas, we’re eager to let go of the decadence; start the new year with fresh goals and plans to revitalise our minds and bodies.

But the other popular time for people to explore fitness is also September! It seems to go unnoticed, but here at MoveGB, we know that September is an incredibly busy time for venues and instructors on our network.

But why?

It could be a combination of factors: we return to reality after summer months of frolicking on holidays, kids go back to school so time is freed up again… and autumn can signal a time for change. 

We see a huge rise in active members and we hear from many mums who say that MoveGB is ace - the flexibility of the memberships and freedom of locations mean they can create their own schedule. They’re not at the mercy of one venues single timetable, plus they have more freedom in their weeks to get cracking on their workouts earlier. Check out the stats below!

  • Last year, we saw a 24% increase in weekly active Move members from August to September 2018.
  • Our Movers’ activity flips to earlier in the week as people begin to hit their week running once again:
  • In August 2018, 40.5% of all attendances occurred on Wednesdays and Thursdays. September 2018 saw 35.6% of all attendances on Mondays and Tuesdays!


But we totally get that fitness can be intimidating to those who are new to it. Even those who are active may get nervous about trying out a new activity for their first time - we do too! 

Wondering what activities are women-only? Spoiler alert - there are so many awesome ones! From boxing to yoga, see below what kind of activities you could try out...

So if you want to start moving with us this September (also known as the new year for busy parents) and are looking for women-only activities, we’ve got you covered. Check-out these awesome Bristol female-only activities below, and hit the button to find women-only activities in your city too!


The Armoury Woman - Brislington

Welcome to The Armoury Woman! A women only sister gym to The Armoury.

Women of all ages, shapes and sizes who want to look good and feel good about themselves. Women who need to feel comfortable and relaxed in order to enjoy the gym experience. The Armoury Woman will help you to build your confidence with the assistance of our experienced female instructors, a gym that can cater for experienced members or those who are just starting out.

Female Fight Club at Sweat Box Gym

Female Fight Club is exactly what it sounds like. You will use non-contact boxing & kick boxing techniques in this fast paced, fun group class. It's specifically designed to promote fat loss and increase your fitness levels while teaching and developing skill in different areas of boxing / kickboxing. 

Womens Yoga at Womens Yoga - Space 238

These gentle yoga sessions are designed for women of all ages and abilities. They are for mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters and aunties to come together from all backgrounds and practice some gentle, mindful movement together in a safe and held space. 

Ladies Only Body Blast at Kick Start Health Fitness and Martial Arts Academy

Our Body Blast sessions our for all fitness levels, we have mixed and ladies only classes for 15 years and above.

The sessions vary and no workout is ever the same so your body doesn't get used to a repetitive workout. The sessions can include kickboxing, boxing, suspension training, Swiss ball exercises, battle ropes along with the usual body weight exercises.

Female only Boxfit - Bristol Boxing Gym

A females only boxing class at Bristol Boxing Gym for all fitness levels and abilities. Coached by an ABA fully qualified, female coach, this session focuses on learning the basics of boxing and fitness.



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