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Your Christmas (Survival) Training Plan

Posted by MoveGB

Well hello there, December! You sure sneak up on us quickly… And along with the shock that it’s the last month of the year, it brings about so many events and feasts which can be quite overwhelming! 

But don’t let your fitness slip or stress you out. Keep going with your routine as best as you can - the more active you are, the more energy you’ll have to capitalise on all the FUN to be had! However, you may need a mindful moment in the festive frenzy... which is absolutely fine in our books.

We’ve pulled together some survival suggestions which will help you through the month of craziness. Time to beast December and totally own it in a way that suits you.

Your Christmas (Survival) Training Plan


Train in HIIT sessions to accelerate your stamina and strength. It will be the perfect training to get you ready to stampede into the shops and gather as much as you can carry. Whether it’s on your list or you get caught up in the shopping chaos, you need stamina on your side.

Especially if you have to peg it to the other side of the store to get the last gift on your list… and you know there’s 100 people also eyeing it up. RUN, FOR THE LOVE OF SANTA!

Morning workouts:

Why not get your workouts done in the morning so you have the rest of the day for festive fun?

The top classes that are cancelled in December are the evening classes, so plan for success and get it done first thing… unless you have a hangover. Then good luck with that.


Whack out those dance moves - bump and grind with glow sticks to 90’s classics to get yourself in the party mood. Dancing queens weren’t always born with it, they gotta werk for that crown. Embrace the party season without sacrificing your fitness! And also, working out is the new going out, don’t ya know.


There are a ton of benefits to BodyPump… and of course the top one is the incredible strength you can build from regular sessions. Feel those biceps flex and feel those glutes clench. Build up those muscles so you can carry those bags. A turkey ain’t light, and neither are 5 bottles of Prosecco.

Embrace convenience:

The beauty of a MoveGB membership is that you can access 100s of venues across your city. Take a look and see where the next workout is convenient to you! Got a party on the other side of town? Workout closer to the venue, shower and change there to arrive at the shindig bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Turn’d Up:

The newest dance workout to hit MoveGB! This workout will see you twerk and gyrate to dancehall and R&B anthems. Not only is it fun with plenty of cool dance moves that will make you feel sassy and empowered, but you’ll really SWEAT. Consider your dance moves for the office party nailed.

Yin Yoga:

Despite the madness, you must also remember the calm. Take a break and instead of indulging in Ferrero Rochers, sink yourself into a delicious Yin yoga session instead.

Take an evening to switch off from the duties and focus on yourself. Stretch all the stressful knots out.

Read more about finding mindfulness through yoga during the festive season.


As this time of year can be mentally busy, it’s important to rest when your body (and mind!) calls for it. You don’t want to ring in the new year with the sniffles and come back to the office feeling like the ghost of Christmas past. 

Also, as mentioned here, it can be tempting to overcompensate for the Christmas indulgences by hitting it even harder in the gym. But our relationship with fitness shouldn’t be built on guilt and repentance – it never makes for sustainable goals or a healthy mindset. Know when you need rest and don’t feel guilty about it. 

Take time to rest between workouts too as recovery is important to allow your muscles to repair themselves and to engage muscles that are sore from your workout.

Good luck this Christmas! You don’t have to put yourself under too much stress to continue with your usual routine, just don’t forget how amazing you feel after your workouts. There are ways to stick to your goals.. but if you need some serious R&R then no one can judge!

Please check the timetables of your favourite sessions as some venues and instructors may run on a restricted timetable. Do check directly with the venue/instructor just in case they haven’t updated their timetables on the MoveGB app.


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Written by MoveGB


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