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Health and happiness, workout, Exercise, Heart Rate Training, Climbing, Balance, Bouldering, Sustainable Fitness, Avoiding Boredom / February 02, 2018

10 Alternative fun workouts if you hate the gym

10 alternative fun workouts if you hate the gym

Huzzah! January is done and dusted, and although it’s only 31 days, it can feel like 84 years… But we’re through to the other side. High-five to all who have been reclaiming their fitness mojo after the festive period and have slayed their January! 

Now we’re into a fresh new month, it’s time to shake things up. Are you feeling bored of your gym sessions and ready to try alternative fun workouts?

The gym: you either love it or hate it.

10 alternative fun workouts if you hate the gym!.gif

Whether it’s the place for you or the place you’d rather avoid like the plague, it’s always good to keep your routines fresh. Mix it up, instill variety into your weeks and keep the fun in fitness! Our January mission was to encourage all to find what’s #WorthSweatingFor, and this is something you need to carry into the rest of 2018. No fleeting new year resolutions here - just great lifestyles.

So we’ve looked through what everyone’s been getting up to over the past weeks and found 10 alternative fun workouts if you hate the gym. From hula hooping to boxing, disco spinning to handstands - there’s something for everyone which really is #WorthSweatingFor.


10 alternative fun workouts if you hate the gym

1. Aerial Hoop

Strengthen your core and your upper body with this fun workout! Using a steel hoop, dangle off the floor and bend, flip and swoop on this apparatus. With elements of yoga, dance and pilates, this conditioning workout will quickly increase your strength, stamina and tone your muscles.

As you improve, strike impressive static poses or perform dynamic moves to music - feel like an acrobat that’s run away to the circus!


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2. Indoor Climbing and Bouldering

Hit the wall with a bunch of mates and feel the burn! Indoor climbing and bouldering make for a really fun workout - you’ll feel your legs, core, upper body and forearms working hard. It’s a great all-body alternative workout if you hate the gym!

Focus and strategise to figure your way up to the top, engage your muscles, leverage your body weight and have a laugh. A few hours can zip by and before you know it, your body is filled with a happy ache of a top workout.

If you want to improve your climbing skills, be sure to try out some yoga sessions - did you know yoga and climbing are the perfect match?


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3. Disco Spin

Spinning is an intense cardio workout that ramps up your heart rate and works those legs. It can be tough - and damn sweaty - but one way to jazz up these classes is to go to disco spin. Filled with flashing lights, the odd disco ball and pumping music, lose yourself in the atmosphere and smash 45-minutes of disco fun! Working out is the new going out, dontcha know?


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4. Hula Hoop

This colourful fitness craze makes for an epic cardio session! Spin the hoops, tone your core and dance to carnival tunes. It may look like fun and games, but it really does fire up your core. Embrace this childhood game and try out cool new moves as your skills increase…. Or just focus on keeping that hoop at your waist.

It’ll be targeting your abs, obliques, hips, butt and thighs, plus it will strengthen your lower back. Once you’ve nailed the shoop shoop of the hoop, perhaps try a weighted hoop?


5. Twerking

Whilst this may not be available nationwide, if you can make it to a twerking class, then get ready to feel like a badass. Twerk Werkz by Kelechnekoff in London is designed to be amazing cardio that strengthens your core and gives your booty a good workout.

Isolate your butt cheeks and move your waist as you twerk to awesome hip hop and rap. Learn the dance moves and sequences to powerful bass - awaken your inner twerk queen.


6. Boxing

Talking of being a badass, have you tried boxing? Channel your inner Rocky, don the gloves and square up to the pads. By performing powerful punches at a fast pace, you’ll be targeting the whole body. Even better if you can throw in some high-kicks too!

Boxing workouts boost strength and cardiorespiratory fitness, plus improves balance, flexibility, reactivity and coordination. Known to be just as much of a hard-hitting cardio workout as running and cycling, you could blitz 200 calories in 30-minutes of bag punching!

Find out more about the health and fitness benefits of boxing workouts.


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7. Aerial Silks

If Aerial hoop isn’t for you, but you want to try your hand at something that can build strength and flexibility, then give aerial silks a go! Another full-body workout that doesn’t involve hours at the gym, aerial silks calls on your upper body, core and flexibility. After a few classes of silks, you’ll feel and see improvements.

Why not have a look at our beginners guide to Aerial Silks and see if it’s #WorthSweatingFor?


8. Handstand Classes

Ever fancied being able to pop a perfect handstand? It takes practise, core stability and upper body strength, so why not integrate handstand classes into your workout routines?

Handstand classes make for a fun alternative workout - in a session, you’ll focus on improving your core, correcting body alignment, increasing mobility and flexibility… and of course, all that hand balancing means your arms and shoulders will get a killer workout. Time to turn your world upside-down!


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9. HIIT: Total Body Conditioning

When you’re sick of the gym but need an all-body workout that will blitz you to peak fitness, make use of quick 45-minute HIIT sessions. Designed to condition your entire body, these HIIT workouts will knock the wind out of you and give a fiery fitness session!

From squats to burpees, dumbbell curls to weighted lunges, you’ll be guided through ace high-intensity training that will improve your strength, stamina and cardio levels quickly. And being in a group fitness environment will certainly motivate and spur you on!


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10. Broga Yoga

Dubbed the ‘fitness for men’, Broga can be enjoyed by all. Designed to challenge strength and flexibility, this intense yoga session will give you a solid workout and have the sweat pouring out of you.

With less of a focus on the spiritual side of yoga, Broga provides accessible postures and intense sequences in time with your breath. This fitness yoga will target all areas of your body and can help increase performance and capabilities in sports! Don't worry, you’ll still get to end it with well-deserved Savasana at the end.


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Think outside the box and try out brand new workouts in 2018 - there’s a huge amount out there, beyond the gym, so jump on the MoveGB App and have a browse! Don’t forget, with one monthly membership you get access to 100s of different activities at venues that span across your city. You’ll never get bored and always have a variety of alternative fun workouts if you hate the gym. #WorthSweatingFor

What will you get up to next?


Find what's #WorthSweatingFor!




Tags: Health and happiness, workout, Exercise, Heart Rate Training, Climbing, Balance, Bouldering, Sustainable Fitness, Avoiding Boredom

Sophie Saint

Written by Sophie Saint

Exercise used to always terrify me, until I was forced to face it head-on with an impending surfing trip. Yoga, gym sessions and the odd round with a punchbag opened up my eyes to getting active and feeling awesome from it! Travelling, social media and blogging are what I love both in and out of work. And yoga has become a serious obsession now...

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