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Fitness isn’t just for January… it’s for LIFE #MoveForLife

Posted by MoveGB

With gym memberships soaring as New Year’s resolutions kick in, there’s one question on everyone’s lips: How long will this fitness rush realistically last?

New Year brings about full gyms and classes bursting at the seams… then come February, they’re back to normal. These absent people become the butt of jokes on social media, but we should be celebrating them getting started on their fitness journey. We should be focusing on how to help them break through to make this ole fitness thing last beyond January and (hopefully) for the rest of their lives?

Whether you’ve successfully broken the barrier into a healthy fitness routine or have tried (and tried again) to make fitness last, you’ll know that fitness can be a hard thing to tap into and turn into a habit. But it is possible.

So how do you make fitness last beyond January? How do you get active for life?

Fitness isn’t just for January… it’s for LIFE #MoveForLife

Get out of your head…

Firstly, you need to deal with your head. You need to cast off the old habits and thoughts that stop you from your workouts. Is it too dark to go for a run? Is it too cold to get to your class? Does Netflix and a cosy evening beckon? Do you have gym intimidation

Just turning up can be the hardest step. Regardless of the excuses or the horrid weather, it’s time to shake it up and commit to classes and bookings. Treat them like an important meeting or a catch-up with an old friend - you wouldn’t cancel or be a no-show, would you?

Once you’re in the workout, get focused on the movements and be safe in the knowledge that you’re giving back to your body. Remember: All movement is beneficial. You don't have to be sweaty and nearly passing out for it to matter.

Our top tips for fitness newbies:

  • Start small: Don’t go too hard or you may end up going home…
  • Enjoyment is key: Don’t force yourself to do workouts which you hate! Keep trying new things until you find what really makes you excited.
  • Make time for yourself: Working out brings so many benefits to the mind and body. Taking 30-mins - an hour out of your day will revitalise and energise you, plus you’ll soon find yourself looking forward to your favourite weekly class! Those endorphins are pretty addictive… so is seeing progress.


Like these tips? Read more about how one of our members made a lasting fitness routine for the first time.

Try, try and try again!

With 650,000 workouts in 2019 alone, we’ve got a heck of a lot of data to see what keeps people active beyond January.

The trick to keeping up resolutions and prevent wavering motivation levels is to include a diverse range of fitness activities in your routine and supplement an exercise plan with experience-based classes.

On average, Move members who vary their routine with different activities (‘combination-fitness’) continue exercising for eight months longer than single activity  members. Those who stay committed for longer are still doing the ‘bread and butter’ of their fitness routine through traditional means (gym and swim) but staying motivated by supplementing these activities with classes that challenge them in new ways and add a fun and social dimension to their regimes!

That’s where we come in.

Why variety? 

The January gym boom has almost become a fitness industry cliché and we want to actively tackle it. The temporary boost in interest in fitness needs to focus on keeping people committed to leading fitter and healthier lifestyles for longer and reducing the number of new members falling off the wagon come February.

Variety in both activities and location is key to keeping active for longer. If you get bored easily, you won’t want to go to the same gym week-in, week-out. This is where many trip up as they plunge straight into a crazy workout routine of gym workouts every day come January. 

No judgement - we’ve all been there. But it’s no wonder so many burn out once January’s over.

From classic gym and swim to more alternative workouts like roller skating, twerking, street dance, boxing and stand-up paddle-boarding - you can access all of this under one MoveGB  membership. We’ve got all the variety at your fingertips making it so easy to search for your next active experience. 

“We’ve recognised that people stay engaged for much longer than the industry norm if they have variety in their routine and by adding some fun into their active lifestyles. This doesn’t mean members should chuck in their gym memberships and spend every week jumping from studio to studio. It means they should focus on topping up their normal sessions with experience-rich fitness activities or attending multiple classes that complement each other, in order to commit to a fitter lifestyle.” - Alister Rollins, founder of MoveGB

Just take a look at how one of our Movers accidentally got abs by simply doing a variety of  activities she loves. Gym, barre, dance - you name it. Mixing it up is the secret to a long-lasting relationship with fitness!

Don’t be a statistic. Don’t be one of those who infamously start the new year with gusto, before bowing out by February and leaving the fitness routine to gather dust. 

Embrace variety and make sure you mix it up to stay motivated. Whether you use MoveGB or not, prefer classes to the gym, would rather run in the park than on a treadmill - you do you. But just don’t forget why you started.

Why not take a look at more tips on how to have a long-lasting relationship with fitness and see if you’re up for the challenge to keep your active lifestyle going beyond January. You can do it. We believe in you! 

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Written by MoveGB


MoveGB is the UK's number one fitness app - with 1000's of activities available under one membership, embrace fitness freedom and ensure variety stays true in your workout routines. Plus, you can now live-stream 1000's of at-home workouts on our new service: Move At Home.

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