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Paul Carroll - Boxing Trainer London

Paul Carroll - Boxing Trainer London
Boxing Training London was established in 1999 by Paul Carroll (pictured below), BSc Hons Sport Science and British University Boxing Heavyweight Champion 1998. As well as being an expert in boxing training, Paul is an Advanced level 3 Personal Trainer and trains a wide range of clients in London including business leaders and celebrities. Having competed Internationally for Great Britain juniors in the Decathlon, and being a swim coach this gives Paul an excellent understanding of training and training methods.
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The health and fitness benefits of boxing workouts… and how to do them!

Posted by Paul Carroll - Boxing Trainer London on Aug 11, 2017 11:43:04 AM

If you’re looking for a fantastic full body workout which builds muscle and improves cardio, then look no further. The health and fitness benefits of boxing workouts are fantastic, and not only will it keep your fitness at its peak, the mental benefits of boxing can do wonders… not to mention it’ll make you feel pretty bad ass after going at it with a punch bag.

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