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The best tech and equipment to live-stream your home workouts

Home workouts and online fitness classes that can support better mental health

What's better when it comes to online fitness classes: On-demand or live-stream?

Which home workout should you try next?

What you need to know about starting home workouts right in 2020 (from a real home workout instructor!)

Top 5 tips for looking after your mental health during the coronavirus lockdown

Fitness equipment to turn your home into an ace workout space

How to stay active at home during Coronavirus

4 Ways to develop a fitness habit for LIFE

How to motivate yourself to workout at home

Move At Home: Live-streaming and on-demand MoveGB home workouts

Meet our Ambassadors: Charlotte, Sheffield

What to expect from your first Adult Gymnastics class

How intuitive exercise will change the way you work out forever

Fitness isn’t just for January… it’s for LIFE #MoveForLife

Are you going ‘no or low’ this January?

Our stats of 2019, and fitness trend predictions for 2020!

How to stay active for longer: Don’t do boring

Your Christmas (Survival) Training Plan

More frazzled than festive: Yoga Advice for Mindfulness

How NOT to do a handstand, with Bristol City Yoga

Sustainability: Have you considered your activewear?

The Fitness Routine of a Freediver

How to stick to your fitness routine: You do YOU #MyMoveGB

Get Fierce This September! #FitGotReal

Sheffield: Health & Fitness City Guide

Tempting Plant-Based Beetroot Hummus

Delve into your gut health with The Gut Stuff

Mover Story: How to accidentally get abs….

10 Fitness activities to shake up your summer

Your training plan for Glastonbury Festival

So… what is FloatFit?

How to become a rockstar of the fitness industry

A beginner’s guide to indoor climbing and bouldering

Top workouts to minimise stress (and send your energy through the roof!)

Feeling overwhelmed? 10 easy and simple stress management tips

F45 Training kicked my ass… and I loved it!

How to train for the London Marathon using MoveGB

Beginner’s Guide to Roller Skating, with PlayTone

How the UK’s top athletes stay motivated, with GB Active

International Women's Day: Workouts that go beyond just making you fit

8 Top tips on how to go plastic-free #MoveAgainstPlastic

From corporate life to Bam Bam Boogie!

How I became a lunchtime workout warrior

Jump on the fitness trends with BoxHIIT

Top 10 Yoga Studios in Sheffield

5 Feel-good workouts to beat the January Blues

Gluten: Is it bad for your health?

The Christmas Gift Guide for the Fitness Freaks in your life

10 Avocado snacks that will get you drooling

10 Alternative fun workouts if you hate the gym

A beginners guide to Aerial Hoop, with Flying Fantastic

How to strengthen your lower back

So... what's Hotpod Yoga all about?

7 Ways To Get Back Into Exercise After The Summer

The secret to having a long-lasting relationship with fitness

6 Reasons why working out is the new going out

Sports Injuries: Why you're hurting & how you can find relief

The top UK fitness & wellness festivals

A beginners guide to Pilates

The surprising benefits of yoga

National Yoga Month: Time to think outside the box

5 Life hacks by the world's most successful people

6 Ways to beat that afternoon slump

Natural choices for healthy protein

10 Pieces of fitness equipment every traveller needs

5 Fitness gurus with important messages you need to read

8 Ways to survive workouts during a heatwave

5 Things I learnt from BodyPump classes

How to fuel your body before, during and after your workout

6 Quick healthy packed lunches that even the busiest bee will have time to make

7 Ab workouts that don't include any sit-ups

10 Delicious low sugar snacks you need in your life

5 Ways to get motivated to stay active this summer

3 Questions to help you find the right workout

The Happiness Experiment: Can working out positively impact your mental health?

5 Positive Effects Of Working Out At Lunch

10 ways to ease your DOMS

10 Workouts to try at home this long Easter weekend

What to expect at your first indoor cycling class

6 post-workout meals to refuel your body 

How often should I buy new workout shoes? (And why?)

A Mover’s guide to facing the fear of new fitness

The one thing that can make or break your workouts

World Yoga Day: Why you should try yoga today

Bodyweight workouts: 8 challenging partner workouts to try this week

London’s best alternative yoga studios

5 Strange gym tools you have to try!

A beginners guide to Aerial Silks

10 full-body workouts you can do anywhere - #WorthSweatingFor

How to crack your mindset to get back into fitness post-christmas

10 Crazy fitness trends of 2017

Should you get a fitness tracker?

Yoga and Climbing: the perfect match

10 Reasons to stay fit this festive season

5 Winter escapes to improve your fitness

What is DOMS and should you workout when you have DOMS?

Fit and Hot: Get Kitted out for Winter

6 Tips for keeping fit over winter

Should you exercise when you have a cold?

5 Things Successful People Do Every Night

10 Awesome Home Workouts For When It's Too Cold To Leave The House

How Phone Apps Can Improve Your Health

Hold your own silent fitness disco: 5 songs, 5 workouts

5 Ways to avoid gym intimidation

Try this workout if you struggle to stick to exercise

5 health benefits of having a dog in your life!

The health and fitness benefits of boxing workouts… and how to do them!

10 Personal trainers share their top tips on squeezing in exercise around busy schedules

4 Ways yoga can undo the damage of your desk job

Do this EVERY day to avoid taking work frustrations home with you

10 sneaky ways to fit in exercise throughout the day

How long should my workouts be?

What’s the deal with low-carb diets, and what low-carb substitutes are tasty?

10 ways to stay active at your desk job (and why your health depends on it)

Infographic: Don't be a desk potato!

Who are MoveGB Members and How are They Different to Typical Gym-Goers?

5 Habits healthy people do every day

4 Weight Training Myths For Women

3 Reasons why you're not seeing Progress in your Fitness

How to Build the Best Workout Routine with MoveGB

Are you in a Loving Relationship with your Workout?

How Much Damage Can I Do At The Weekend After Being Healthy All Week?

5 Ways to measure your health, without the scales

Why a Multi-Gym Membership is Way Better Than a Single Gym Membership

Raw Vs Cooked: the case for eating raw vegetables

Diet Fizzy Drinks Facts: Are they damaging your diet?

Why exercise is never a waste of time

6 Easy changes, with BIG health benefits

4 Ways to fit Exercise around a busy Schedule

Team MoveGB's most Embarrassing Workout Confessions that are just too REAL

Socialising and fitness: a scrummy cocktail for your health

Why try something new on The Big Day of Move

How new mums became more active by breaking out of a routine

The 4 Pillars Series: For Life

White Rice Vs Brown Rice

The Best Exercise To Stay Young

4 Tips for Working Out at Home

The 4 Pillars Series: Movement

How to understand the secret to keeping active

The 4 Pillars Series: Variety

The 4 Pillars Series: Convenience

Skimmed Vs Whole Milk

Is it Time to Give Up Giving Up?

This Study Proves You Shouldn't Believe Everything You Read

6 Things Happy People Do Every Morning

4 Reasons To Workout With The One You Love This Valentines

3 Super Easy Motivational Hacks 

Movers Stories Video: Florence

How a Phone App Showed 1000's of People That Happiness and Exercise Are Linked

A Motivational Hack That Helps You Trick Your Brain Into Avoiding Missing Workouts

Studies Show Variety Isn't Just Great For Motivation

Why It's Ok To Only Workout Twice A Week

Is There A Difference Between Winning And Success?

Science Says This 1 Important Thing Will Make You Happier Than Being Rich

MoveAWARDS 2016:The Winners Revealed!

4 Ways Exercise Can Give Your Productivity a Super Boost

Movers Stories Video: Jo

The Three Mindsets Psychology Says You Need To Achieve Your Goals

Bacon Vs Sausage

Movers Stories: Daniel

7 Ways To Sleep Your Way To Better Health

Movers Stories: Megan

4 Reasons To Get Back To Exercise That Have Nothing To Do With Losing Weight

The Power of Christmas: Turkey

Movers Stories: Donna

Movers Stories: Penny

4 Resolutions To Avoid In 2017

Is This The Answer To Ageing?

4 Ways To Stay On Track During The Festive Period

Mover Stories: Carly

Feeling Stressed? This Is An Easy Fix

Try Something New For 30 Days

What Happened When I Went Vegan For A Month

Does This Study Disprove The Theory That You Can't Outrun Your Fork?

Is Happiness In Our Genes?

Competition Vs Community - What Really Motivates Us To Exercise?

4 Science Backed Reasons To Exercise Outside

5 Science-Backed Ways To Beat The Monday Blues

Why It's Time To Stop Talking About A Work-Life Balance

Work To Workout Wear - Would You Wear It?

The Science Behind Why People Love Pumpkin Spiced Lattes So Much

Study Finds Fat Busting Hormone - Guess How It Gets Released

Movers Stories: Rowena

5 Foods that help Increase your Metabolism

Movers Stories: Kristel

Pilates For Men: The Top 5 Benefits

MoveAWARDS 2016

The Best Halloween Races

The Most Common Sports Injuries And How To Prevent Them

3 Alcohol Myths Busted

Feeling Tired? Science Says You Need To Exercise

Bouldering: Try One Of The Newest Olympic Sports

Can Exercise Make Our Brains Work Better?

Why Aiming For Life Balance Is Making You Unhappy And 4 Actions You Can Take

5 Science Backed Foods To Boost Your Brain Power

Why It's Never Too Late To Start Exercising

Workout Routines for Women: Finding the Right Fit for YOU

The Scientific Benefits of Super Short Workouts

4 Science Backed Reasons To Be Kinder Today

Could This Be The Solution To Stress-Eating?

Does Spinach Really Make You Stronger?

5 Surprising Dairy-Free Sources Of Calcium

Everything You Need To Know About Carbohydrates In 5 Minutes

4 Inspiring Paralympic Moments

5 Motivational Tips From Professional Athletes: Part 3

Porridge Vs Eggs On Toast

4 Food Prep Hacks For Healthy Eating

5 Motivational Tips From Professional Athletes: Part 2

What You Can Do For An Hour, To Keep You Living Longer

4 Motivational Tips From Professional Athletes: Part 1

Bake Off Is Back: Here's 5 Healthy Baking Recipes

Easy Park Bench Workout!

Sleep Like A Champion

MoveGB’s Most Popular Summer Workouts

Full Body Vs Split Workouts

Is This Simple Yet Effective Training Theory What You Have Been Waiting For?

Movers Stories: Charlotte's Incredible Olympic Dream

How To Do An Upper Body & Core Workout With Just Your Bodyweight

Yoga for Cyclists : Yoga Postures For A Flatter Back

What Does Skipping Breakfast Really Do To Your Weight?

The Science Behind The 'Runners High' !

The Most Powerful Science Backed Hacks To Ensure You Get And Most Importantly Stay Active

How Quickly Do We Lose Fitness?

Which Non-Milk Is The Best Milk?

10 Reasons To Move More

Could The Reason You Want To Exercise Be Causing You To Fail?

Why There Really Is No Substitute To Moving More

This Tongue In Cheek Video Has An Important Underlying Message

Treadmill Vs Outdoor Running

How To Exercise Mindfully

5 Healthy Meals On A Budget

This One Tip Could Help You Develop A Healthy Habit Forever

How To Do A Leg Workout With Just Your Bodyweight

What's So Super About Superfoods?

Saturated Fat Might Not Be As Bad For Us As We Think!

Is More Rest Better When It Comes To Strength Training?

The Super Simple Hack That Could Help Reduce Your Cravings

The Class You Should Take To Improve Your Brain Function

High Reps, Light Weights Vs Low Reps, Heavy Weights

5 Chicken Recipes From The Team At Tasty

Gluten Free - What Does It Mean And Should We Be Doing It?

5 Things Happy People Do Every Night

7 Ways To Stay Healthy On Holiday This Summer

Potato Crisps Vs Vegetable Crisps

5 Healthy Barbecue Recipes For The Bank Holiday Weekend

4 Reasons To Take Your Workout Outside

5 Easy Recipes With Only 5 Ingredients Or Less

Houmous Vs Guacamole

5 Mistakes That Could Be Causing You Back Pain

Is There Such Thing As Too Much Protein?

Movers Stories: Sean

7 Reasons Why You Should Start Balance Training Today

Why Do Hangovers Get Worse As We Get Older?

5 Foods To Make You Feel Happier

How To Find Your Perfect Sports Bra Infographic

The Baffling New Guidelines Dolmio Are Giving Some Of Their Products

Green Tea Vs Black Tea

5 Healthy Breakfasts You Can Eat At Your Desk

Can A 1 Minute Workout Be As Effective As A 45 Minute One?

How Do Our Muscles Grow?

6 Ways To Get Protein Without Eating Meat

We Can't Get Enough Of Counting Steps, But Is Walking Enough To Keep You Fit?

Movers Stories: Kirsty

Cardio Vs Strength Training

4 Reasons To Foam Roll

The Surprising Truth About Where Your Fat Goes When You Lose Weight

Can Caffeine Improve Our Workouts?

Beef Mince Vs Turkey Mince

Here's the Skinny On Fat

10 Of The Best At Home Workout Videos

Notes To Inspire 11-04-16-17-04-16

Why your smoothie now only counts as 1 of your 5 a day

7 Gym Bag Essentials

Do Protein Supplements Actually Help You Gain Muscle?

A 2 Minute Guide To Gym Jargon

Notes To Inspire 04-04-16-11-04-16

1 Seriously Simple Way To Make Your Carbs Healthier

Mum's Guide: How To Get Back Into A Health And Fitness Routine

Apple Vs Banana

5 Ways To Make Working Out In The Morning Easier

Notes To Inspire 28-03-16-03-04-16

Sweet Potato Vs White Potato

5 tips to stay healthy over the Easter weekend

7 Reasons To Join MoveGB

What Happens To Your Body When You Eat An Easter Egg?

Notes To Inspire 21-03-16-27-03-16

5 Easy Ways To Feel Happy Today

You've Reached Your Goal...So Now What?

Notes To Inspire 14-03-16-20-03-16

What To Expect At A Climbing Wall

What Happened When I Gave Up Alcohol For 10 Weeks

Coconut Oil Vs Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Could your coffee be worse for you than a can of coke?

Notes To Inspire 07-03-13-03

Peanut Vs Cashew Vs Almond Butter

6 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

What Is TRX Training?

Check Out Our New Notes To Inspire!

Movers Stories: Sarah Louise

4 Times That Exercise At School Was Awesome

Easton Leisure Centre: MoveAWARDS Leisure Centre Winner

Movers Stories: Hamish

5 Fitness Classes You Won't Believe Exist!

Do I Need To Take Health Supplements?

What To Expect At A Yoga Class

Flow Yoga: MoveAWARDS Yoga Studio Winner

UTS: MoveAWARDS Best Fitness Class Winner

Alihearta Yoga: MoveAWARDS Yoga/Pilates Instructor Winner

6 High Protein Snacks You Can Totally Take To Work

A MoveGB Shoulders Masterclass!

5 Free Yoga Workout Videos You Can Do At Home

Is Sugar More Addictive Than Cocaine?

4 Ways To Continue Your January Motivation

MoveAWARDS 2015 Winners

National Breakfast Week - What Team MoveGB Eat For Breakfast

What To Expect At A Spin Class

January Motivation :)

Is It Ever Ok To Workout Twice In A Day?

5 Ways To Cut Your Changing Room Time In Half


MoveGB And Vivo Life

MoveGB TV Advert!

10 Tips For Long Term, Sustainable Weight Loss

This Adele Fitness Parody Is Awesome

How Dry January Can Change The Way You Think About Alcohol Forever

8 Ways To Make Your Resolutions Stick In 2016

5 Tips When Looking For A Gym Membership

Why You Should Check Out A Spin Class in Bristol Today

5 Reasons To Drink More Water

The Battle Of The Buffet: Sausage Roll vs Vol Au Vent

8 Christmas Gift Ideas For A Friend Who Loves Fitness

Want A Boootiful Bum?

Why It's Time To Put Down Your Phone And Go To Bed

The Scary Stats Of Your Favourite Festive Drinks

How Alcohol Affects Your Workout Recovery

5 Reasons Why Coffee Is Good for You

Christmas Pudding vs Chocolate Yule Log

Is Music The Best Personal Trainer?

4 Ways To Break A Fitness Plateau

Do You Need To Stretch? Here's 4 Reasons Why

Brown Rice Vs Quinoa

Kale Vs Spinach

Should We Be Eating Before We Workout?

6 Things To Do If You're Having A Bad Day

5 Of The Best Life Quotes

A 3 Minute Guide To Beginning To Lift Weights

How To Ask Your Boss For A Power Lunch

8 Tips For How To Workout At Lunch

5 Lunchtime Workouts For MoveGB Bristol

Counting Calories Vs Counting Macros - Which One Wins?

5 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

10 Types of Gym Member - Named And Shamed!

9 Best Patterned Workout Leggings

MoveAWARDS 2015 !

A 3 Minute Guide To Intermittent Fasting

10 Pumpkin Recipes For Halloween

5 Reasons Why Being In Love Is Good For Your Health

5 Things Every Man Should Be Able To Do To Save His Life

Get High The Natural Way

Movers Stories: Sophia

Skipping Breakfast: What Does It Really Do To Your Weight?

6 Healthier Halloween Recipes

5 Reasons To Get Fit In Autumn

Is This The Secret To Keeping Fit...Forever?

4 Motivational Quotes To Take With A Pinch Of Salt

7 Ways To Avoid A Hangover!

6 Reasons Why Going Sober For October Could Be Awesome

10 Ways To Fit Exercise Into Your Daily Routine By Move Personal Trainers

MoveGB Best Motivational Quotes! 

5 Ways To Help You Out Of Your Fitness Rut!

10 ways to fit exercise into your daily routine by Top Yoga & Pilates Instructors

MoveGB Best Motivational Quotes!

A Father's Day activity you hadn't thought of!

Breakfast: start your day the right way...

7 Ways To Get Your 7 A Day