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Welcome to the Move Blog

Find fitness tips and tricks, expert advice from our instructors, beginner guides for cool activities, nutrition and more!

This Tongue In Cheek Video Has An Important Underlying Message

Posted by Laura

We couldn't help but have a bit of a giggle at this spoof video from Buzzfeed that gently pokes fun at people who jump on the bandwagon of various different lifestyle options - just because it's seen as the "in thing".  

How To Find Your Perfect Sports Bra Infographic

Posted by Laura

Nobody wants their boobs to sag - it's a fact. However, if you workout it's extra important that you support you best assets. 

5 Ways To Cut Your Changing Room Time In Half

Posted by Laura

With January comes the influx of new gym members (if you're one of these great work - we think you're awesome!) Here's a tip for you - make sure you focus on forming an attendance pattern/habit so you'll stick to your new routine. You can read more about sticking to your new years resolution here

10 Types of Gym Member - Named And Shamed!

Posted by Laura

 Take a moment away from your workout and you'll realise the gym is full of an interesting bunch - see which ones you recognise and tag, name and shame!

MoveAWARDS 2015 !

Posted by Laura

This year, we're celebrating the best of the fitness industry in Bath and Bristol. 

6 Healthier Halloween Recipes

Posted by Laura

Think Halloween is just about chocolate and sweets? Think again. 

4 Motivational Quotes To Take With A Pinch Of Salt

Posted by Laura

Don't get me wrong, we love a good dose of motivation (heck we even send out daily inspire notes!)