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Welcome to the Move Blog

Find fitness tips and tricks, expert advice from our instructors, beginner guides for cool activities, nutrition and more!

5 Foods that help Increase your Metabolism

Posted by Laura

Your metabolism is all to do with how quickly you metabolise fuel into energy, and in turn delivering all the nutritional benefits that our body needs to function. 

Does Spinach Really Make You Stronger?

Posted by Laura

If you've ever watched Popeye, you'll know that the secret to his strength is spinach. But is there any truth in this?

5 Surprising Dairy-Free Sources Of Calcium

Posted by Laura

Calcium is an important part of a healthy diet. Most commonly known for its role in maintaining strong bones and teeth, it is also needed for muscle function, nerve transmission and a host of other health benefits.

Everything You Need To Know About Carbohydrates In 5 Minutes

Posted by Laura

The word "carbohydrate" can sometimes seem a dirty one, so often is it tarnished with the reputation as the dieters ultimate nemesis.

Porridge Vs Eggs On Toast

Posted by Laura

There's never more controversy, discussion or myths surrounding a meal than there is about breakfast.

Bake Off Is Back: Here's 5 Healthy Baking Recipes

Posted by Laura

The Olympics is great and I for one will be very sad when they are over. But there's something on the horizon to help soften the blow - Great British Bake Off!

Which Non-Milk Is The Best Milk?

Posted by Laura

With the increasing rise of non-dairy milks on the market we've decided to do our own test into which non-milk, milk is the best. 

This Tongue In Cheek Video Has An Important Underlying Message

Posted by Laura

We couldn't help but have a bit of a giggle at this spoof video from Buzzfeed that gently pokes fun at people who jump on the bandwagon of various different lifestyle options - just because it's seen as the "in thing".  

5 Healthy Meals On A Budget

Posted by Laura

Eating healthy doesn't have to be as expensive as you think. We've hit the net to find healthy, affordable meals (which also taste great!)