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Welcome to the Move Blog

Find fitness tips and tricks, expert advice from our instructors, beginner guides for cool activities, nutrition and more!

Movers Stories

Movers Stories
Inspiring Stories from Incredible Movers

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Movers Stories: Megan

Posted by Movers Stories

Megan found that yoga has changed her lifestyle and is loving the flexibility of Move. Check out her Movers Story here!

Movers Stories: Donna

Posted by Movers Stories

Have you ever tried horseback yoga? Yes it’s a real thing, and just one of many new things Donna has tried! This week we're chatting to her about the amazing and wonderful things she gets up to with her Variety Membership and how it keeps her motivated and loving her active lifestyle.

Movers Stories: Penny

Posted by Movers Stories

We love our Movers so much that we're giving you a regular spot on our blog! After all, it is all about you!

Mover Stories: Carly

Posted by Movers Stories

We're putting our most important people in the hot-seat... YOU, our Movers about how being more active helps you in this crazy thing we called life!

Movers Stories: Kristel

Posted by Movers Stories

I am a 29 year old mum of two beautiful children aged 6 and 4 years old. I've been on the obese size (size 20 at one point...I'm now a 14) since having my children and had no drive or confidence in life other than dedicating my time to my children.

Movers Stories: Sean

Posted by Movers Stories

I had left the Royal Marines and come to London searching for work to be able to pay my mortgage in Devon. I've always been interested in fitness and ended up as the Fitness Manager at The Third Space gym in Piccadilly.

Movers Stories: Kirsty

Posted by Movers Stories

Image credit: Joana Freitas

Having spent years commuting and working in the service industry, I had always considered myself to be quite active.  

Movers Stories: Sarah Louise

Posted by Movers Stories
I have ME/CFS, which years ago fundamentally affected my ability to function at 'normal' day-to-day levels.  I would sleep all weekend, get home from work, have a bath and got to bed: it wasn't much of a life. 

Movers Stories: Sophia

Posted by Movers Stories

I took up a fit and healthy lifestyle after I was involved in a car accident, fracturing my spine (whoops) and as a result I spent the following months sat on my sofa, off work and skipping meals when my medication made me feel ill and then binging on biscuits when I felt up to eating...(double whoops).